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A Rough Start for the New Year 2016

2016 was only 22 days ago and there were already so many things happening at this moment. Mom fell ill again with pain on her previously operated area where her gall-bladder was removed. After CT Scan, the doctor found a cyst of liquid around that area signifying infection. She was administered into the hospital for almost a week with antibiotics as her treatment with hope that the infection will be eliminated by medication alone. She was discharged last week and few days later complained that the pain came back. Now she has to go through a key-hole surgery procedure which is somewhat expensive.

While all this is going on, little Elysha has to adjust school-life without grandma. She used to go to school with grandma's company. It was really difficult for her and for me and wife as well. We knew that we have to learn to let go. On the work front, business has been slow due to the economy slow-down internationally especially in our country with the unstable eco-political situation that is happening here. Hence with this, company also been silent about "bonus" or increment. I am particularly pressured to bring in more sales. Not so much pressure from the management side(even though there are) but pressure more from myself as I am taking a salary to help business develop and grow the business for the company. There was an audit exercise that was going on which added to the many things that have been going on in my life.

We read recently on the news of the attacks in Jakarta and also possible attack targetted in our own soil. We have also received news of our beloved church member Auntie Toh who is now hospitalized at an old age. She could no longer join us for corporate worship due to her physical condition, yet she long to have fellowship with all of us. Another news just came into Whatsapp message saying that one of our member's mom passed away.

I did not question God on why this has happened as I know that living our lives here, we must anticipate trials and hardship no matter how big or small the circumstances are. Just as I was having all these burdens in my heart, the Lord spoke to me through one of my prospect whom I had lunch with recently. I did not share what I was going through but just a little something on the economy front. He replied, "this is so that God's grace can be shown more through what we are going through."

Instantly it clicked, and reminded me of the story in John 9:1 - 3., where the disciples asked Jesus whose sin causes the the man to be borned blinded. Jesus replied, "It was not that this man sinned, or his parents, but that the works of God might be displayed in him." Of course in deeper context, this verse is about Jesus being the light of the world while He is still walking among the people then, and all those instances that happens to give opportunities for Jesus to show God is at work in their lives hence, the glory goes to the Father.

In our very own situation where we are facing this very moment, a lot of times we may ask ourselves why this has fallen upon us. But let us remind ourselves that all these are temporary and let us focus on God's sovereignity and also his grace that will see us through. When circumstances get difficult in our lives, it gives greater opportunity for God's grace to shine.

Well, Elysha is now starting to enjoy being independant going to school alone. Thanks to supportive teachers at ACE Learning Centre. Mom no longer has pain, but will still need to go through the surgery for best results. Thank God for supportive church members who visited, prayed and encouraged mom. Do continue to pray for a successful surgery. I have settled the audit exercise and well, a few Purchased Orders came in unexpectedly which I don't even remember I have quoted some of it. Indeed, God's grace abounds even more when we needed it the most.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Do know that it does not always have good ending, but like Job said during his testing, "Shall we have the good things from the Lord and not the bad?" Whether in good or bad times, I will still praise His name!

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